Sustainability Policy



The Company Management wants to implement a sustainability management system according to the three pillars:
- social, actively involving employees, partners and stakeholders;
- environmental, ability to respect human and labour rights, health and safety; specifically, it reaffirms its commitment to its employees, who are guaranteed the promotion of a dignified standard of living and a plan for growth over time
- economic, ability to maintain the reproducibility of resources while ensuring profitability and fair enhancement of supplies

Vini Bella Terra srl, with its registered office in Montalcino, is wholly controlled by the Swedish Group Oenoforos AB, which has been active for almost 30 years as an agent/ importer of Italian wines and in particular Puglia wines.In 2012 Vini Bella Terra acquired the Cantina Produttori Agricoli Associati, located in Manduria, with the strategic objective of developing, in the heart of a territory with a high wine vocation, such as salento, a production model based on principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability that guaranteed direct control of the quality and origin of the product.

Corporate vision
Vini Bella Terra is identified with the potential of the Salento area, but in particular with that of the Area of Manduria, a highly evoked land with a long wine-growing tradition, where Primitivo has found its origin and spread. Of this native vine Vini Bella Terra is especially interested in interpreting the wine in the best way and in enhancing its territory in which it is cultivated through sustainable and responsible practices that allow to transfer to the must, integrate, the characteristics of the grapes, soils and microclimate typical of the area.To fully enhance the potential of the raw material, Vini Bella Terra has for some years focused decisively on the transformation of organic grapes that today are worth 40% of the entire processed volume, stimulating and incessantly favoring this method of cultivation among its suppliers of grapes.In addition, it wants to focus attention on the customer and his needs, actively involving:
- other interested parties – employees, manufacturers, respecting the legislation on safety and healthiness of the product, the legislation on safety in the workplace, the legislation on environmental protection, preventing any kind of impact on the environment and rationalizing the consumption of natural resources respecting the principles of work ethics
- all suppliers in the implementation of the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, starting a process of sharing the company's mission in order to identify and select partner companies actively involved in the process of sustainability and social responsibility.

- ensure the application of the Equalitas standard
- guarantee the role of its social responsibility to its employees, respecting rights and remuneration that show the promotion of a decent standard of living and a growth plan in terms of wages, fairness of wages, respect for wage levels, their composition, changes that have occurred over time compatible with the economic development of the company itself
- guarantee producers an adequate market price, depending on the current wine year.

The achievement and maintenance of all objectives will be constantly pursued through training and information activities of staff at all levels, including in the field of food safety.
The Company Management assumes the task of making available the resources necessary to achieve the defined objectives.With this in mind, it undertakes to
- make known and understood this policy, disseminated at all levels of the organization and made accessible to the public
- maintain a program of awareness and continuous training of employees
In order to ensure the knowledge, development and effectiveness of the Sustainability and Social Responsibility System, it is given the position of Head of the Sustainability and Social Responsibility System/BSCI– Quality Manager and Haccp/Production Manager and winemaker of the winery to Giovanni Dimastrogiovanni who has the authority to activate interventions and controls to ensure that the Equalitas sustainable management activity is adequate to the provisions of the specification and implemented over time according to the defined deadlines.
The Company Management will adapt to the needs of the Quality Manager, the means, the staff and the related training and asks all employees for broad collaboration for the implementation of this project.
All staff, external companies, collaborators and visitors, are informed and involved in order to operate in accordance with this Policy which is disclosed to everyone and available to the public on the company website.
The annual reporting of the activities carried out in the field of sustainability, the objectives achieved and the planned improvements will be reported in the Sustainability Report communicated to the stakeholders through publication on the company website.

August 31st, 2020
Approval Issue